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  1. unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds

    Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds

    Premie 2x6x2 prefolds $1.75 each or 1 dozen only $15.00
    Infant 4x8x4 prefolds $2.25 each or 1 dozen only $21.00
    Regular 4x6x4 prefolds $2.50 each or 1 dozen only $24.00
    Don't forget diaper covers!
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  2. All Together Diaper Co. Unbleached diaper inserts

    All Together Diaper Co. Inserts


    6-pack for $ 6.75

    Unbleached  Diaper Inserts-

    The dimensions for theses inserts are  3.5 inches wide by 11 inches long and made of 6 layers of cotton flannel.

    The little extra needed to keep baby dry at night or during long naps. Also extends diaper life by reducing stains on diapers.

    These diaper inserts are made in the USA by stay at home Moms.

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  3. OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes

    OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes


    Reusable Imported Flannel Baby Wipes - 100 % cotton flannel for softness and absorbency. Perfect for delicate baby skin. 8 by 8 inches attractively surged in soft pastel colors. 15 wipes per package. Made in Pakistan

    OsoCozy flannel wipes come in bleached and unbleacheded version.

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  4. Osocozy diaper liners

    OsoCozy Diaper Liners


    Flushable cloth diaper liners make it easy to clean cloth diapers.  Simply peel liner off diaper and toss in toilet. 

    There are 100 sheets of liners per roll.

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  5. OsoCozy Organic Fitted Diaper

    OsoCozy Organic Fitted Diaper


    OsoCozy® Organic Fitted Diaper -

    • Constructed of three exterior layers of a soft, absorbent, durable birdseye weave material.
    • The interior flannel pad adds another six or seven layers of absorbency depending upon the size.
    • Manufactured with unbleached organic 100% certified cotton material
    These hourglass shaped diapers feature exclusive snap tape fasteners that are far more durable than velcro. Gentle elastic closures at the legs and the elasticized waist insure a snug fit.  A great organic fitted diaper at a reasonable price. 

    Made by The All Together Diaper Co
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  6. OsoCozy Packaged unbleached prefold diapers
  7. OsoCozy Organic Prefolds

    OsoCozy Organic Prefold


    OsoCozy® Organic Prefold Diapers Details: Made by All Together Diaper, Co.

    PREEMIE 2x5x2 $ 6.50 each
    9.5 x 13
    5-10 lbs
    3x6x3 $ 7.25 each
    7-15 lbs

    Don't forget diaper covers
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