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Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding

Soft and cozy baby bedding for the next generation of babies. We have what you need to keep your baby warm and comfortable. We sell a wide variety of cotton and organic cotton blankets, mattress pad covers, sheets and crib sets. We also carry many sizes of waterproof pads to help keep your baby dry and comfortable.

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  1. Organic cotton sweater blanket

    Organic Cotton Sweater Blanket


    Organic Cotton Sweater Blanket Learn More
  2. Organic Quilted Mattress Pad

    Organic Quilted Mattress Pads

    The top layer is made of 100% organic cotton interlock. The middle layer is 100% breathable polyester. The back layer is waterproof breathable polyester. Organically grown cotton does not pollute the ground, water or air; it grows without pesticides and chemicals.
    The color of the mattress pads  are naturally occurring shades, free from bleach and dyes; picture may appear whiter than actual product

    CRIB & TODDLER 28"x52" (FITTED) $39.99

    PORTA-CRIB 24"x38" (FITTED) $24.99

    BASSINET/MULTI-USE 15"x33" (FLAT) $16.99

    LAP & BURP 14"x21" (2-pack) $16.99

    SHEET SAVER 14"x28" W/TIES $12.99

    Manufactured by American Baby Company

    Learn More
  3. waterproof quilted mattress pad

    Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pad


    Made of 100% cotton quilt with a soft thick 7 oz. polyester fiberfill
    100% waterproof vinyl back
    Elastic all around to secure pad into position (where stated as fitted)

    Available in 6 sizes
    Crib: (flat),
    Crib & toddler(fitted),
    Lap & burp pads (2-pack),
    Multi-use pad

    Manufactured by ABC

    Learn More
  4. waterproof sheeting

    Waterproof Sheeting


    Waterproof Sheeting Soft polyester material with teddy bear pattern front and back with a 100% waterproof vinyl middle layer. This soft, waterproof sheet will help keep your baby dry and warm while protecting the mattress and bedding. Fluffy quilted polyester on the outside, with a layer of waterproof vinyl laminated inside, it feels more like a thin quilted pad than a sheet and can be laid underneath or on top of a regular sheet. Also available in multi-purpose pads. Wash and dry.  Available in:

    • Crib: 28" x 52" $9.99                              
    • Portable Crib: 24" x 38" $6.99
    • Twin: 39" x 75" $14.99  
    • Crib & Toddler Bed (fitted): 28" x 52" $14.99
    • Lap Pads (2 pack) 18" x 18" $4.99
    • Cradle: 18" x 36" $4.99
    • Bassinet: 15" x 33" $4.99
    • Multi-Use Pad: 18" x 27" $6.99
    • Multi-Use Pad: 27" x 36" $9.99
    Learn More
  5. mattress pad

    Standard Quilted Mattress Pad


    • Made of a poly/cotton quilt with a soft thick 7 oz. fiberfill
    • 100% cotton front and back with soft polyester in the middle.
    • Available in:
    • Crib Size: 28" x 52" fitted
    • Manufactured by ABC
    Learn More
  6. organic cotton velour sheets

    Organic Cotton Velour Sheets


    Soft and durable organic sheets grown pesticide and chemical free
    Colors are naturally occuring; no bleach or dyes
    Available in Natural & Mocha
    Manufactured by ABC


    Learn More
  7. thermal baby blanket

    American Baby Thermal Blanket


    • High-quality 100% cotton thermal
    • Durable machine washable
    • Measures 30" x 40"
    • Available in Pink, Blue, Celery, Ecru and white

    Thermal Blanket sold individually

    Learn More
  8. organic crib sheets

    Organic Cotton Sheets


    Inexpensive organic cotton sheets for every size baby bed

    Available in Natural

    Crib Size: 28" x 52" $14.99
    Portable Crib Size: 24" x 38" $13.99
    Cradle Size:18" x 36" $10.99
    Bassinet Size: 15" x 33" $9.99
    Pack N Play:27" x 39" $14.99

    Learn More
  9. Organic reversible blanket

    Organic Reversible Blanket


    Organic reversible blanket in soft 100% cotton. Learn More
  10. organic receiving blanket

    Organic Receiving Blanket


    Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket in naturally occuring mocha color. Learn More

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