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The Business of Building, Homemaking and Baby Bottoms Denise Odom is a mother of four and grandmother of nine with number ten on the way. She is a homemaker at heart and a homebuilder by trade. Today, she is in the business of baby bottoms and all things related. The Business of Building

For 15 years, Denise helped grow a successful general contracting business with her husband George. During business hours, she negotiated contracts, worked with architects, attended to legalities, managed the finances and supervised construction crews. Denise also became a tiling expert, creating amazing designs and doing the work herself because details mattered and excellence was always her goal.

The Business of Homemaking

At home, Denise created a positive atmosphere and allowed her passion for cooking to bless family and friends. She also became well-known for her skills in sewing and crocheting, making baby clothes, booties and hats for new mothers. When her kids were young, Denise homeschooled each one and encouraged them to discover their life purpose. Now that they’re grown, Denise is remembering her earliest days of mothering. And she has rediscovered her love for cloth diapering and all things related to babies.

The Business of Baby Bottoms

From the birth of her first to her final fourth, Denise used cloth diapers. She was committed to the tradition passed down from her grandmother, then to her 4 children, including Denise’s mother, Ruth. As Ruth’s only daughter, Denise was well-trained in the use and love of cloth diapering.

Denise can’t forget the cloth material, colored pins, the washing, bleaching, folding and the pride she took in caring for the bottoms of her babies. Denise was committed to cloth diapers, even when Pampers and Huggies were becoming the quick and easy solution for keeping babies dry.

Denise had a collection of bright white diapers and plastic pants, and never wavered from her mother’s instructions. Denise recalls using disposable diapers on the rarest of occasions, and not liking it one little bit.

Denise created BummsRus in celebration of a family tradition, in honor of her mother Ruth and to share her passion for cloth diapering with the next generation of mothers. In her search for the best diapers for baby bottoms, Denise has also hand-picked the best in baby blankets, and accessories - mostly organic but all high quality.

At BummsRus, details still matter and excellence remains the goal.

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