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Your Natural and Organic Cloth Diaper Store
We offer a variety of natural and organic cloth diapers, cloth diapering accessories, baby bedding and organic baby products for your little one. No matter what your budget or lifestyle is, BummsRus offers many choices of cloth diapers that are sure to fit your needs. We are dedicated to healthy living, environmental protection, and to saving you money!
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  1. Organic thermal baby blanket

    Organic Thermal Blanket


    Made with organically-grown, pesticide-free cotton, this Organic Cotton Thermal Receiving Blanket in natural measures 30" x 40" and is ideal for your baby's sensitive skin. Organically grown cotton does not pollute the ground, water or air; it grows without pesticides and chemicals. The colors are naturally occurring shades, free from bleach and dyes.

    Manufactured by ABC

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  2. Little Something for Baby

    Little Something for Baby


    A Little Something For Baby Includes:

    • Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo 1.67 fl. oz.
    • Angel Baby Bottom Balm 1 fl. oz.
    • Angel Baby Lotion 2 fl. oz
    • Angel Baby Oil 1 fl. oz.
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  3. Snazzy Minky One Size Cars
  4. Angel Baby Bottom Balm 2oz

    Angel Baby Bottom Balm - 2oz


    Angel Baby Bottom Balm is a clinically tested and safe for cloth diapers. It soothes diaper rash and helps prevent flare-ups. Angel Baby Bottom Balm is made with organic olive oil  infused with a proprietary blend of naturally antibacterial and antifungal organic herbs, shea butter and pure essential oils.

    Available in the 2 ounce size

  5. Earth Mama's #1 best selling salve
  6. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
  7. Toxin free, rated 0 for toxins on EWG's 
  8. Clinically tested, allergy tested
  9. Safe for cloth diapers
  10. Lanolin free, vegan, zinc free


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  • Group of 3 Chevron Teething Rings

    Natural Maple Wood Teething Rings


    Our "Bunny Ear" Teething Rings are  the perfect all natural teething toy for babies and toddlers alike.

    • Solid Maple provides a  smooth, hard surface to chew on for teething discomfort.
    • Finished with certified organic beeswax and olive oil polish
    • Maple teething rings are 100% CPSIA compliant
    • Wooden ring measures 3" and fabric bunny ears measures roughly 3"

    Easy to Clean:

    Untie "Bunny Ears" and wash with normal load of laundry and tumble dry with normal heat setting, or lay flat to dry. For cleaning the ring, do not soak/submerge in water- spot clean only. Do not place in dishwasher or freezer as this will break down the wood and it to crack and possibly splinter.

    Note: Always inspect ring before giving to your child, and if any cracking or splintering has occured, discontinue use. 

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  • Disposable Diaper Liners
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    1. OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes

      OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes


      Reusable Imported Flannel Baby Wipes - 100 % cotton flannel for softness and absorbency. Perfect for delicate baby skin. 8 by 8 inches attractively surged in soft pastel colors. 15 wipes per package. Made in Pakistan

      OsoCozy flannel wipes come in bleached and unbleacheded version.

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    2. OsoCozy Packaged unbleached prefold diapers
    3. Snappi diaper fastener

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